Elijah: Of Spinach and Strength

After a weekend of rest, fellowship and madness a new week has already began and about to end. In other words, its Wednesday, middle of the week, and the weekend is almost here. How fast time travels!

Well, in the first bus, guys were a bit loony and had the guts to recite old cartoon soundtracks like the Power Puff girls, Dexter’s lab, Popeye etc…. I don’t remember the rest. Almost everybody sung in unison and of course I had to join in but quickly stopped only to realize that only the ladies were singing. But am sure most of you remember Popeye the sailor man. Do you remember how the soundtrack went….well, the lyrics went like this:

Spinach always gave Popeye strength when he was in a tight spot, especially when he was confronted by that brute called Bluto or when his sweetheart Olive Oyl was threatened by the brute. An instant classic cartoon!

So what does spinach have to do with Elijah? The main words I derived from it were  “provide” and “strength”. Last time we looked at Elijah confronting King Ahab but he fled because his life was in danger. God had warned him to hide in the Kerith Valley (1 Kings 17:3). God protected Elijah and provided him with material needs since even he was affected by the drought. (1 Kings 17:2-6). So what do we learn from this latter passage?

God is in control: He’s the master of the universe. He is in control of nature, and in this case, animals as demonstrated by the sending of the ravens to feed Elijah. It’s interesting to note that they brought for him MEAT and BREAD. (Now, where did they get that?; Balanced diet? What do you think?) And they did so daily. So guys, there is no need to worry. God is there. (Matthew 6:25-34)

God is concerned about Elijah’s deepest needs, including ours: Imagine yourself alone in the wilderness. In this case let’s consider Lake Bogoria (Bolingo) National Reserve. Did you take time to study the terrain or the environment when we were there? In fact let’s not go near the lake. How about Baringo? Semi –arid area with thorny plants and a rocky terrain plus most of the seasonal rivers were dry. Of course with the exception of the one where the kids were washing cars to earn bread. Elijah was alone surrounded by drying plants and nothing else living (loneliness). Have you watched the movie Castaway? Tom Hanks stars as the main character marooned on an island far from civilization. For 2 years he was on that Island. Unfortunately, a volley ball became his best friend. In fact he drew facial features on it to show expression. CRAAAAZZZY! So it was with Elijah; in need of some contact with a moving living thing despite the fact that plants are living though in this case they were drying up. So I believe the ravens were sent to provide some sort of companionship and hope.

God can use anything or anyone: In Leviticus 11:13-15 & Deuteronomy 14:11-14 ravens are considered to be unclean when God was giving the laws to the Israelites; birds that should never be eaten. But God can use unclean vessels to accomplish His tasks. There are times you may think you are unworthy but God can surprise you. He’s ready to use you. For example, I used to fear talking in front of a crowd. I thought I was not worthy (yep! I had to check on my self-esteem). But thanks to some friends that God sent to me (Nthiani and Ngone being one of them); I can confidently speak to a large crowd.

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