Our Foundation, Our Future

Children are the foundation to any society as I had learnt at a Saturday retreat for my church’s children ministry. The future of the society depends on how they are brought up. Instilling values that are godly brings hope to the society but if the children do not learn theses values then the society is doomed.

These days kids are very smart and knowledgeable for their ages. Yesterday, I saw one of the kids (10 years old) I teach using an Android smart phone. I got my first mobile phone at the age of 18. And no, it wasn’t a smart phone. Simple enough to text and call and it had a mono-chromatic screen (no colours). They know so much that you can actually discuss current political issues with them. In fact yesterday I was sharing about the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) with them and the story basically teaches us that a neighbour is one who’s in need of help and that we shouldn’t discriminate others because they belong to another tribe since here in Kenya, our societal problems stem from tribal issues, nepotism, political party loyalty alignment and economical class issues. The kids in the Bible study understand the current political situation in our country.

From the Kenyan context, we should not see one being a neighbour as a fellow tribes man but someone in need of our help. During the post-election violence in 2008, some families would accommodate families from other tribes to protect them from their fellow tribes men. This was a good demonstration being  a good samaritan. And my prayer is that this year we will vote as one nation and not as tribal cocoons; the elections are not far away (March 4th).

So back to teaching kids, the main focus of this blog post. What did I learn from the retreat? I’ll share the important points but I’ll post more details in another blog.

Teaching God’s word (2 Timothy 3:16-17) to children is greatly significant because:

  • It helps to teach doctrine: Doctrine is teaching that guides us on how to live and children are the best to teach and start with because they are young and its easy to plant  a seed that can flourish into a mature plant given the right conditions.
  • It brings about reproof: If we don’t train children by equipping them with good works, who will be the leaders of tomorrow? Reproof is about discipline.
  • It speaks to their hearts as you teach them. Psalm 119:103-104 tells us that God’s is sweet and prevents us from falling into the pitfalls and snares of sin. And before teaching God’s word, prepare well so that your teaching be effective.

In closing, “the much ignorance in society can be dealt with at the children ministry level” as the Reverend of our church put it. So if you have a passion or calling to teach children God’s Word, take up the challenge.

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