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Two weeks remaining and Mizizi is about to come to an end. My reaction?

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Its been an awesome time meeting new friends, connecting and starting a new family in Christ. And looking forward as we start off as a LifeGroup (LG) after Mizizi. The past 8 weeks has been life changing  and God has used this gift to change my perspective of Him, life and how I live to serve others for His purpose.

One of the key events of the programme was Money Matters that was held at Continue reading Money Matters

March 27, 2014

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Fal$e Teacher$ – Part One

Some videos I came across that speak about the increase in false teachers and their spread of the prosperity gospel. A disease that is festering the city of Nairobi but something that we shouldn’t surprise since God mentioned in His Word that such characters will be around to skew His teachings.

Seeds of Sin


The Prosperity Gospel

By Nathan Clarke

November 5, 2013

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Startup Founders 101 – Part One

Founders 101 Workshop
Founders 101 Workshop

On Thurday, 26th September, I was in a room full of aspiring entrepreneurs and start-up founders eagerly awaiting for the evening workshop to begin. The event took place between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm at the Growth Africa offices, Cape Office Park, Ring Road Kilimani – Nairobi.

3 speakers came forth to share their knowledge and experience on forming start-ups and I’m glad I had the chance to listen to them because such knowledge is valuable for any aspiring techprenuer.

According to, a techprenuer is “a warm-blooded animal, male or female, who feeds on no sleep, limited resources and a passion for technology: aka, any person who creates a company around his or her vision of leveraging technology to change the world.”

In this first part of Founders 101, I’ll share what I got from the first 2 speakers. Most of the information is in point form; no need of writing a lengthy article since the speakers were quite straight forward.

(A). Perfecting & Monetizing an Online Offering – Munyutu Waigi

(Munyutu Waigi is the founder of Rupu and Ringier Kenya)


What is it? Continue reading Startup Founders 101 – Part One

October 8, 2013

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