My Last Day: Good Friday Anime

UPDATE: 12th January 2017

So this post is 6 years old. Adobe Flash was still popular those days but its been passed by events. HTML 5 to the rescue. There was a Flash image error indicating I needed to upgrade my Flash Player but I finally located the same video in HTML 5 format from Youtube. Its all about keeping up with Technology. Happy viewing.

This 9-minute story unfolds through the eyes of a criminal who receives the same brutal crucifixion sentence as Christ. The criminal’s own guilt causes him to realize Christ’s innocence. “My Last Day” is a short film of regret, repentance and redemption that frames the story of salvation using Japanese style animation to capture the attention of a new generation. (

My Trip to Ethiopia – VLM Conference

Whenever I reminisce my trip to Ethiopia this song pops in my mind:


Of course am sure you get the point? Gospel Reggae! Hint hint. That song is by Christafari, a group that reaches mostly the southern Americas and the carribean countries using the reggae genre of music.

The VLM 2011 Conference Participants (Ethiopia)

From the 11th to 16th of February I was in Ethiopia (formerly known as Abyssinia in the olden days; I love history), the only African country that was not colonized; a symbol of hope to African countries; the headquarters of the African Union. So what was this techie/geek/I.T. guru doing in Ethiopia? Well my friends, I was attending a Read More

The Seven F’s

The 23rd of October 2010 will be a day worth remembering, especially for the young guys from Kenyatta University who I hosted at my home for a day of bonding, fun and eating. The day was an idea just a month back thought out by me and Benson. Hosting almost 30 people isn’t a joke. Planning and budgeting. Communicating to and fro to make sure things went alright; especially for the guests. Making sure they’ll be comfortable and relaxed.  But I thank God, coz every time one plans he should commit it to the Lord. (Proverbs 16:3)

Bonding Over Nyama Choma, Ugali and Kachumbari

S-quad: A concept started by some few crazy and dedicated young men for the purpose of growth and building each other. It all started at Culture Read More


Life is a journey; a journey that is a story; a story that has a start, middle and an ending. We all start out the same. We come from a womb at birth. We are born naturally unless someone has been grown from a plant; this reminds me of those African myth stories we used to read in primary school; anyway, back to the main topic.

In the middle, events and decisions occur that shape us and eventually the choices that we make determine our final outcome at the end. How will you finish Read More

Elijah: Of Spinach and Strength

After a weekend of rest, fellowship and madness a new week has already began and about to end. In other words, its Wednesday, middle of the week, and the weekend is almost here. How fast time travels!

Well, in the first bus, guys were a bit loony and had the guts to recite old cartoon soundtracks like the Power Puff girls, Dexter’s lab, Popeye etc…. I don’t remember the rest. Almost everybody sung in unison and of course I had to join in but quickly stopped only to realize that only the ladies were singing. But am sure most of you remember Popeye the sailor man. Do you remember how the soundtrack went….well, the lyrics went like this:

Spinach always gave Popeye strength when he was in a tight spot, especially when he was confronted by that brute called Bluto or when his sweetheart Olive Oyl was threatened by the brute. An instant Read More

Head of The House

So today I decided to give the Bible Study a miss and attend the main service at our church (This is my time to eat; I believe I’ve given enough and its time to nourish my spiritual appetite). Rev. Ndebe from Scotts Theological College was preaching and guys in church had a laugh from his anecdotes of humor that he managed to mince with the Word of the day. (Mmh! Listening to gospel reggae does give me psyche to write this blog; I just love reggae especially this tune “Lion of Judah” by Christafari!). So here goes the sermon that he presented with some things that I’ve added as my thoughts: Read More

Elijah: Idol Worship


Idol worship has existed for centuries. Ages ago it was all about bowing down to non-living entities such as metal or wooden based idols. Back and forth the Israelites turned to idols even after God warned them numerously. It was quite odd when these guys turned to worshiping wooden things instead of the living God whom rescued them from Egypt years back. (Habakkuk 2:18-20)

“Of what value is an idol, since a man has carved it?
Or an image that teaches lies?
For he who makes it trusts Read More

Elijah’s Message

“Should you choose to accept this mission……………………… Now what does this phrase remind you of?

Am sure most of you guys have watched Mission Impossible, the movie. The above phrase was always at the beginning of the movie trilogy.  I was definitely a fan of it with all those spy stuff in the movie. The main character’s mission was to Read More