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With the advent of the internet, the information highway is becoming bigger and access to educational material is becoming easy. Just recently I had signed up for free online classes on Computer Science. Though not the whole subject, some important modules are being provided e.g. how to build a search engine from scratch without prior knowledge of programming.


Udacity Home page

These free classes are found at Udacity.com, an online computer science university where  modules offered range from search engine construction to car robotics. The classes are lead by two super qualified professors from Stanford university. One of the is a member of the Google top team.

I’m personally undertaking the search engine class and at least I’m beginning to understand how the Google search works for example. In this class the Python programming language is used as teaching platform to execute the algorithms. But the tough part is learning how those algorithms work (e.g. String manipulation) and putting them into action especially through the exercises after each topic. The exercises are quite challenging but worth it because they sharpen your thinking in creating logic models that run programs.

If you’re a budding programmer/geek 🙂 do feel free to sign up for the classes since more topics are to be released in the course of 2012.

March 14, 2012

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