Is WordPress in Trouble?

Another interesting post I discovered through the previous Reddit discussion I have posted on the most previous post. Is WordPress in a dire state?

More discussion on the same issue by the same author of the above article:

Update (1:04pm EAT, 17th April 2014):

So what I’m getting from these discussions is that WordPress architecture really sucks. Well I’m not a pro WordPress developer but from what I’ve seen so far during my time customizing WordPress sites its true. Development and design should be separate but developers and designers usually access the same files. A recommendation by the author of the “The Dire State of WordPress” is that Automattic, the owners of WordPress, should adopt the PHP MVC framework to make the code base manageable¬† i.e. put functions and visuals separately. I will do more research on this and see how this can be adapted.

April 17, 2014

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