Authority: Good or Bad It Doesn’t Matter

Hi guys (wasee wa plainsview young adults).
Last week (6th September) we looked at how us as Christians should respect those who are in authority. This is a difficult topic to tackle considering the nature of today’s government in Kenya. We hear and read of cases of corruption that are never solved and the impunity that we keep on hearing that the president has done. There’s no need to expound so much on what’s happening in the country since you know what’s going on.

For example, consider how many people are starving in the country at this moment yet the government has the audacity to use the tax payers’ money to buy state of the art luxurious cars(remember the statehouse incident a few weeks ago; it was in the press). It’s what I call misplaced priorities. Such money can be used to build more irrigation schemes or educate people on the management of dry land agriculture system. Israel is a country smaller than Kenya and most of its geographical topology is dry land. They also experience low rainfall yet produce enough crops for export. What if they government invested in bringing agriculture Israeli experts to train farmers here in Kenya or better yet starting a training institution concerned with dry land farming.

OKAY, there are areas that the govt. has done its best to improve services but you realize that the misdeeds outweigh the good deeds. And from last week’s response during Bible study was that the govt. is the most difficult authority to obey.

Let’s go to the Word. In 1 Peter 2:13-25 Peter talks about submitting to authority whether it’s good or bad (vs. 18). Submission is voluntarily cooperating with someone first out of love and respect for God and then out of love and respect for that person. Submitting to non-believers is difficult, but it’s a vital part of leading them to Jesus Christ. We are not called to submit to non-believers to the point that we compromise our relationship with God (e.g. have an affair with the lecturer to get good marks>very pathetic don’t you think so? A very common vice in campus), but we must look for every opportunity to humbly serve the power of God’s Spirit.

In other words submitting to authorities starts with God. So no matter how difficult it is, lets obey the authorities of the day. This is for the Lord’s sake (vs.13-14). Oh yeah! Me too! I find it hard, but I pray that God gives me the strength and grace to respect authority especially the government.
In summary submission is:

Point to note:

Peter lived during tumultuous times. At that time people were ruled by emperor Nero of the roman empire. Nero was a very brutal and evil man who accused the Christians falsely for burning Rome. Actually, he was the cause of the fire. He ruled from A.D. 54 to 68. He was the same dude who martyred Peter by crucifying him on the cross upside down. Imagine Christians being made sport for hungry lions in a colosseum filled with raging fans with hunger pangs for action, as they are paraded in front of the stadium. Now compare that time and this time. And this is the same Peter who wrote lets submit to authority. Seriously, it was not by his own strength that he wrote concerning authority. It was only by God’s hand that he did so.
So guys, its only God who can help us to learn how to respect all kinds of authority.

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