Elijah: Of Spinach and Strength

After a weekend of rest, fellowship and madness a new week has already began and about to end. In other words, its Wednesday, middle of the week, and the weekend is almost here. How fast time travels!

Well, in the first bus, guys were a bit loony and had the guts to recite old cartoon soundtracks like the Power Puff girls, Dexter’s lab, Popeye etc…. I don’t remember the rest. Almost everybody sung in unison and of course I had to join in but quickly stopped only to realize that only the ladies were singing. But am sure most of you remember Popeye the sailor man. Do you remember how the soundtrack went….well, the lyrics went like this:

Spinach always gave Popeye strength when he was in a tight spot, especially when he was confronted by that brute called Bluto or when his sweetheart Olive Oyl was threatened by the brute. An instant Read More