The Seven F’s

The 23rd of October 2010 will be a day worth remembering, especially for the young guys from Kenyatta University who I hosted at my home for a day of bonding, fun and eating. The day was an idea just a month back thought out by me and Benson. Hosting almost 30 people isn’t a joke. Planning and budgeting. Communicating to and fro to make sure things went alright; especially for the guests. Making sure they’ll be comfortable and relaxed.  But I thank God, coz every time one plans he should commit it to the Lord. (Proverbs 16:3)

Bonding Over Nyama Choma, Ugali and Kachumbari

S-quad: A concept started by some few crazy and dedicated young men for the purpose of growth and building each other. It all started at Culture Village in KU; over a calabash of hot uji (porridge) worth 10 shillings then.  Its amazing how simple ideas can turn out to be great. Like I said, I expected 30 guys. And when we started out I think we were like 7-8 guys.

Anyway, back to the story.

So the 23rd was a Saturday; still wet and cold in the morning after a rainy night (the short rains are finally here).  That day I woke up early and began the necessary preparations. Luckily, Kanda brought some guys to help me. He’s part of S-quad. So some of the guys came to help me in preparing food and put in place the necessary logistics. Its what I call the scouting team. Every group has to have a Caleb. I held a small meeting with Timo, Kanda and Peter to see how much money we collected. After allocating the monies, Peter and I with the help of my dad went to buy the 13 kg Mbuzi (goat), fresh from the slaughter house as the rest prepared the other foods.  The goat seemed very sumptuous. I could just imagine the smell of roasted goat despite the fact that it was still raw. Anyway, the food preparation went smoothly.

Mbuzi Choma

Moffat and Timo took care of the ugali, Anjeyo showed off his exemplary cooking skills of cooking matumbo (intestines) while the rest of us took care of the goat roasting and kachumbari preparation; a simple menu yet satisfying. Just the way boys like it J. Of course after 2 hours most of the food preparations were done so we decided to meet in small groups and share. If there’s one thing with small groups, they do open up people and help guys encourage each other.

All ears

After a hefty 3 hours of cooking, the food was ready to be dismantled. A feasts awaited us.  LOL. Serving began and everybody sat at the back yard in small groups.

Ugali ready to be served

In every small group there was a stool and on top of each stool was a big plate of ugali. Scoop as much ugali as possible was the policy. Kudos to Moffat. I don’t know how he managed to cook that colossal amount of ugali but men is he skilled. As we ate we shared: jokes, issues of life and questions . At the end the oldest guys of s-quad shared, that being, Kamaa, Maithya and I. We were the wazee or elders of the event. But Benson was the most mzee (By the way the gathering was his idea).

A word of advice

But suddenly, the weather was not on our side. It began raining and we all went into the house. Its kind of funny that the weather pattern this year went back to its normal state; in the previous 4 years global warming as been a bit heavy on Kenya with weird weather patterns.

Okay, in the house we finalized our meeting with Benson speaking and Anjeyo giving us a dessert of his well written and composed poems. A few more guys spoke but the falling darkness and the farewell from the setting sun bid us to close the meeting with a word from my mum. The rain finally paused still knowing that it will come back later in the late night.

As I escorted the guys (Kamaa had to run back to the house and get his CD of music mix; dude stop being forgetful) I thanked God that on one single day these guys were influenced for not only today or tomorrow but for eternity. I bade them farewell as the matatu cruised away towards town with blaring music. So till next year Godwillingly, Eldama Ravine will open its doors to the guys as they come back again for:

  • Food
  • Fun
  • Fellowship
  • Friendship
  • Footprints
  • Family
  • Faith

The seven F’s.

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