400 years of KJV Bible

An interesting infographic that I came across the YouVersion website. YouVersion focuses on using technology to bring the word of God (The Holy Bible) closer to people through developing Bible Apps for mobile devices (iPhones, Android devices, iPads and other tablets). Too learn more about Youversion go to http://www.youversion.com/about

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My Last Day: Good Friday Anime

UPDATE: 12th January 2017

So this post is 6 years old. Adobe Flash was still popular those days but its been passed by events. HTML 5 to the rescue. There was a Flash image error indicating I needed to upgrade my Flash Player but I finally located the same video in HTML 5 format from Youtube. Its all about keeping up with Technology. Happy viewing.

This 9-minute story unfolds through the eyes of a criminal who receives the same brutal crucifixion sentence as Christ. The criminal’s own guilt causes him to realize Christ’s innocence. “My Last Day” is a short film of regret, repentance and redemption that frames the story of salvation using Japanese style animation to capture the attention of a new generation. (http://easter.cru.sg)