I’m back …..

Four years ago, I decided to move my blog to a paid domain and hosting and this one took a long hiatus. I then changed my domain from http://thekenyangeek.com to http://brian.co.ke. I guess growing old was coming into effect. LOL.

However, my main site is now taking a hiatus as I think what to write on next (possibly deeper tech., social and engineering stuff). My current site had this kind of content  but I think it was not satisfactory. Recently, I came into my 30s and it has got me to rethink stuff about life. So as I think about what I’ll be writing, I’ll resume posting here. My current site is offline for the moment until I setup an elaborate plan as God guides me.

Happy New Year and a blessed 2017.


Its been a great journey using this blog platform to post my thoughts and lessons on my Christian journey. Fortunately or unfortunately, I’ve moved to my self-hosted blog. So future posts related to this blog will appear on thekenyangeek.com where I also share my passion for science, technology and education. That’s a wrap, for this particular blog but still sharing about Christ 🙂

So join me at thekenyangeek.com

Back in Business

So its been two and a half months since I last posted in this blog. You can call it a busy schedule for me, with work, projects and post grad. studies OCCUPYING my space. Am back. Not with a bang. But with new things I have learnt. I will sharing a bit on the book of Jeremiah, with its powerful metaphors that God uses to express His displeasure towards sin. Its a serious book. I’m studying it for the first time after all these years. Anyway, there’s a time for everything. God bless and take care til next time when I’ll touch on Jeremiah chapter 1.

Our Only Hope

And for the hope for His return,

Dear Lord, your name we praise;

With longing hearts we watch and wait

For the great day of days!


(Our Daily Bread, 7th April 2010)


At last! My own blog page. Something that I can call my own. What will I be sharing? My life, my experiences, my journey to other cultures, countries & planets through the minds of various authors, life lessons and my experiences with God & what he has taught me. Feel free to read through my blog and comment.