I’m back …..

Four years ago, I decided to move my blog to a paid domain and hosting and this one took a long hiatus. I then changed my domain from http://thekenyangeek.com to http://brian.co.ke. I guess growing old was coming into effect. LOL.

However, my main site is now taking a hiatus as I think what to write on next (possibly deeper tech., social and engineering stuff). My current site had this kind of content  but I think it was not satisfactory. Recently, I came into my 30s and it has got me to rethink stuff about life. So as I think about what I’ll be writing, I’ll resume posting here. My current site is offline for the moment until I setup an elaborate plan as God guides me.

Happy New Year and a blessed 2017.


Its been a great journey using this blog platform to post my thoughts and lessons on my Christian journey. Fortunately or unfortunately, I’ve moved to my self-hosted blog. So future posts related to this blog will appear on thekenyangeek.com where I also share my passion for science, technology and education. That’s a wrap, for this particular blog but still sharing about Christ 🙂

So join me at thekenyangeek.com

Back in Business

So its been two and a half months since I last posted in this blog. You can call it a busy schedule for me, with work, projects and post grad. studies OCCUPYING my space. Am back. Not with a bang. But with new things I have learnt. I will sharing a bit on the book of Jeremiah, with its powerful metaphors that God uses to express His displeasure towards sin. Its a serious book. I’m studying it for the first time after all these years. Anyway, there’s a time for everything. God bless and take care til next time when I’ll touch on Jeremiah chapter 1.


At last! My own blog page. Something that I can call my own. What will I be sharing? My life, my experiences, my journey to other cultures, countries & planets through the minds of various authors, life lessons and my experiences with God & what he has taught me. Feel free to read through my blog and comment.