Going Digital: Teaching Teachers

From the 19th to the 22nd of August 2011, I got the opportunity of attending a conference for christian teachers (National Christian Teachers Conference). Its an annual event and this was the second edition. Mmh! This was quite interesting, teaching teachers 🙂

One of the Conference Sessions

My main focus was teaching them on how the internet can be used to positively impact their students.

I had two seminar tracks, Sunday and Monday, so I spent the first two days getting to Read More

My Trip to Ethiopia – VLM Conference

Whenever I reminisce my trip to Ethiopia this song pops in my mind:


Of course am sure you get the point? Gospel Reggae! Hint hint. That song is by Christafari, a group that reaches mostly the southern Americas and the carribean countries using the reggae genre of music.

The VLM 2011 Conference Participants (Ethiopia)

From the 11th to 16th of February I was in Ethiopia (formerly known as Abyssinia in the olden days; I love history), the only African country that was not colonized; a symbol of hope to African countries; the headquarters of the African Union. So what was this techie/geek/I.T. guru doing in Ethiopia? Well my friends, I was attending a Read More

The Seven F’s

The 23rd of October 2010 will be a day worth remembering, especially for the young guys from Kenyatta University who I hosted at my home for a day of bonding, fun and eating. The day was an idea just a month back thought out by me and Benson. Hosting almost 30 people isn’t a joke. Planning and budgeting. Communicating to and fro to make sure things went alright; especially for the guests. Making sure they’ll be comfortable and relaxed.  But I thank God, coz every time one plans he should commit it to the Lord. (Proverbs 16:3)

Bonding Over Nyama Choma, Ugali and Kachumbari

S-quad: A concept started by some few crazy and dedicated young men for the purpose of growth and building each other. It all started at Culture Read More

Any Given Good Friday

aka The Scouting Mission. This year’s Good Friday (2010) was one of the few I missed church. But for the good. The early morning came with rain. Seems like global warming is running away from Kenya. The normal rain season is back. I remember with nostalgia 15 years ago when the Safari rally was an exciting event. I would never miss it thanks to my dad.

My compass was pointing towards KPA.  Its some where along Mombasa road right opposite General Motors (GM). Its the inland port for cargo/ containers. But beyond those containers there exists human settlements that I had no idea about. I was told the parcels of land belonged to Maasai settlers  who sold to different inidividuals as they demarcated the large piece of land.

Settlements result into a Read More

Equiping Disciples aka A Well Spent Sunday Afternoon

A hot Sunday afternoon in Nairobi city found Maithya and I looking for a route 34 matatu bound for Donholm. Finding this particular matatu was not easy given the fact that we had to ask several times at which stage they were located. And of course the tasking bit of throwing our hawky eyes in the heavily human infested town of Nairobi. 10 years ago a crowded Nairobi city on a Sunday was foreign to the eyes of many. (I believe its high time the government took decentralization seriously)

Anyway, back to the story: we boarded, paid 50 bob (quite painful) and reached our destination (Christian Liberty Church). Without wasting time (of course the formalities of being welcomed were there), we began the training immediately since we reached on time(Quite an achievement for a Kenyan). Our dear former colleague (Robert) from KU welcomed us and introduced us to our trainees who were the youthful members of the church. They quite eager to learn how to share the Gospel. Maithya and I took turns in presenting. I always enjoy acting the part of the unbeliever when demonstrating on how the four laws are used. Why? I try to reproduce the thoughts and questions of an unbeliever that I usually get when I do witnessing personally. For example, since the devil was banished to Earth by God, does that mean Read More